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Thank you very much for coming to my website.  First and foremost please allow me to invite you to take a moment to join my e-mail list if you would like to receive my inspirational and supportive newsletters and just to keep in touch. 

In the many years I have been working with people and assisting them to uplift their lives, I have had many titles.  Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Cable TV Show Host and Spiritual Teacher are but a few.  These days the title that I mostly work under is Yoga Teacher.  My friend Suzen, who was one of Swami Satchidanada’s (the founder of Integral Yoga) original students, re-introduced me to yoga many years ago.  Since then it has made a truly miraculous difference in my physical, mental and emotional health.  My entire life has benefitted profoundly from yoga and I honestly feel that no matter what the title what I have always been sharing and teaching is Yoga.  

Yoga can work for you wherever you are at in your life.  You don't have to be flexible or in-shape at all.  Yoga always invites you to come just as you are!  I teach people of all shapes, sizes, ages and physical conditions.  Like everything in life, you start from where you are and then you move steadily forward from there, one step at a time.  In fact, one of the many definitions of yoga is “step by step”.

If you want to:

  1. feel physically vital and more fully alive,

  2. have a clearer mind and more accepting heart,

  3. be more open to the magic of the present moment or

  4. just slide into a smoother and more peaceful state on a more regular basis,

than yoga is definitely for you!

I am thrilled to announce that I have just opened up my own yoga studio in Miami Beach called YOGA THAT!  Please check out my teaching schedule there as well as the other two studios I teach in the Miami area on my schedule page.

I am also continuing to lead the Yoga Works Teacher Training.  Teacher Training is ideal for anyone who has been practicing yoga for awhile and who are interested in deepening their practice or in actually becoming a certified yoga teacher themselves.  To learn more about the upcoming training’s I’m doing please click here or go to the yoga tab above.  Please also accept my invitation to take your first of any of my current classes as my guest. 

For those of you who may be interested in my "You Are The Light" motivational videos which were aired on Cable Television we will at some point be putting them up to be viewed on this website and on youtube.  I’m also very excited to say that soon I will making some new videos and resuming hosting meetings on non-duality.

If you would like to receive the latest e-newsletter that I sent out please sign up here.

As always, I am sending you lots of uplifting energy, encouragement and acceptance....



Hello Everybody and Welcome!

home     yoga     schedule     sequences     inspirations     contact     blog  teacher_training.htmlyoga_schedule.htmlsequences.htmlInspirations.htmlContact.htmlBlog/Blog.htmlshapeimage_6_link_0shapeimage_6_link_1shapeimage_6_link_2shapeimage_6_link_3shapeimage_6_link_4shapeimage_6_link_5