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Why Learn and Practice Yoga?

If you want to:

be healthier,

lose weight,

get stronger,

increase flexiblity,

feel better,

reduce stress, 

have a more positve outlook or learn more about yourself than yoga is definitely for you....

Feel better all the time...YOGA WORKS!

Edwin Bergman


Yoga Works and Integral Yoga trained. Anusara and Iyengar yoga influenced. Highly experienced and ready to teach you yoga or assist you in deepening your practice!

What is Yoga Works?

The YogaWorks method takes inspiration from the very roots of the greatest yoga traditions and  creates a beautiful balance of alignment and flow. Yoga Works is a SAFE and user friendly practice that is ideal for both beginners and advanced students.

Training - Background and Teaching Style

I am registered E-RYT with Yoga Alliance and 500 hour certified through both Yoga Works and Integral Yoga.
I have been teaching regularly in New York since 2001.  I began studying various types of yoga in 1987 and my 
actual hatha yoga practice began in 1989.  In 2000 I did my first Yoga Teacher Training at the New York Integral 
Yoga Institute.  I then completed two more training's there to become 500 hour certified.  My training continued 
with a wonderful and very enlivening year long 100 hour Immersion into John Friend's Anusara Yoga with senior 
Anusara teacher Ellen Saltonstall.  In 2006 I completed the Yoga Works 200 hour Bridge Program and continued 
on to complete their rigorous and very enlightening 300 hour Yoga Works Teacher Training with senior teachers 
Jodie Rufty, Jenny Arthur and Jean Koerner.  I am now a member of the Yoga Works Teaching Training staff and 
currently lead training's in New York, Miami, New Jersey, Phoenix and Athens, Greece.  I teach in the classic 
Yoga Works style which is a beautiful blend of the pristine and loving alignment of Iyengar Yoga with the heat, 
breath, flow and aliveness of Ashtanga Yoga.

In 2003 I traveled to India to deepen my yoga practice and to study my other great passion which is non-duality.  Before teaching yoga I was a well known Life Coach and Motivational Speaker.  My Cable TV show "You Are The Light!" aired in New York and Los Angeles for 15 years.  I attempt to bring to all of my classes both my deep love and appreciation of yoga as well 
my passion for non-dual spirituality.

For me yoga is non-duality.  The ultimate goal of yoga after physical, mental and emotional health is to reveal that there 
is no separate "you" anywhere.  Timelessly-present awareness is all there is, and you are THAT!"

As long as you identify yourself with them [body and mind], you are bound to suffer; realize your independence and remain happy. I tell you, this is the secret of happiness. To believe that you depend on things and people for happiness is due to ignorance of your true nature; to know that you need nothing to be happy, except self- knowledge, is wisdom.

                                                                                              Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

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